About Armando's

Armando’s started out of boredom. There simply was no place to listen to good music.There were bars, where the band would play in the corner of the room on the floor. They would mix their own sound and usually weren’t very good at it. 
I was living in a two-story store front. I lived upstairs and built a stage downstairs and invited friends to play. Word got out… I built it and people came. I owned a small sound system, didn’t charge any money and we started getting more bands and more people came and we were on the way. 
From these humble beginnings grew a first-class listening room. I got a beer and wine license, charged a cover at the door and split the door money with the bands. 
Over the years we fine tuned the operation. Got better and better bands and, over the years, we became a destination for music lovers. By the time Covid hit, we were busting at the seams.

I hope to hear from you, I can be reached at 925-890-7325. Roy